Whether it's helping growing start-ups create their dream workplace or taking the lead on a new lobby renovation for a building owner, officemorph is a valued project partner.

We believe that a successful project is one in which expectations are set early and communicated through completion.


Landlords, Tenants, and Property Managers should consider outsourcing their next job to avoid:

  • Budget Overruns
  • Delays
  • Poor Quality
  • Misaligned Expectations

Why hire us?

  • We have organized, Type-A personalities - just what you need to navigate through a complex job
  • Our team is level-headed and calm under pressure
  • We know what it's like to work for both tenants and landlords which gives us unique perspective that leads to better projects, communication and outcomes
  • We have deep rolodex (remember those?) and bring in the right people early

Benefits of Project Management



  • Clients can focus on what they do
  • Professionally conducted and recorded meetings
  • Project directed by manager with deep list of construction contacts

Budget Management

  • Ensure scope is efficient and not over-designed
  • Vet pricing against comparable jobs
  • Analyze costs without bias
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive project budget

Quality Control

  • Key stakeholders are engaged at start of the project to properly set goals and expectations
  • Regular updates are provided to ensure the stakeholders are kept abreast of the progress
  • Site visits to confirm the design is being executed properly
  • Active participation in a thorough project punchlist including follow up with the contractor for a timely completion

Schedule Control

  • Key project milestone dates are brought to the team's attention early and often
  • Long and short term project schedules are tracked
  • Long lead time orders are discussed immediately with a "Plan B" in place
  • Progress monitored to align with expectations